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With complete modes including color Doppler, Prospect allows visualization of rodent embryonic development even in the early pregnancy stage. Structures such as embryo cells, chambers, mitral valve, and vessel flows can be identified and quantified.

E10.5 mouse embryos   E10.5 mouse embryo
Embryonic cardiology in DP mod   E14.5 embryo (M mode)


E7.5 mouse embryos   E12.5 embryonic brain ventricle
E9.5 mouse embryonic heart and neural tube    E9.5 mouse embryo (PW mode)
E12_5_embryonic_spnal_cord.png   E14_5_Embryonic_head_and_forelimb.png
E12.5 mouse embryonic spinal cord   E14.5 mouse embryonic head and forelimb
E13.5 Embryonic umbilical cord in DP mode  


E14.5 embryo image in coronal plane  


E14.5 embryo image in sagittal plane

E14.5 embryo image in transverse plane  


E14.5 embryo (PW mode)

E14.5 embryonic lateral ventricle injection  


E15.5 embryonic lateral ventricle injection