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 Imaging Features

  • Real-time color Doppler imaging and triplex imaging in update mode (B/PW/Color).
  • Molecular imaging for perfusion and targeting information.
  • Comprehensive measurement tools for image analysis with 2-D and 3-D image data.
  • Connectivity to external devices, such as a laser, a HIFU transducer, or a source for generating radiation force, allows extened capabilities including sonoporation and elasticity imaging.
  • Adjustable imaging parameters (center frequency, cycle, PRF, TGC, …etc) for each probe to optimize image quality in different applications.
  • Full line of image adjustments for live viewing and retrospective review.
  • Virtual Array (Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique) for improved image resolution and depth of field.
  • Save static or dynamic data in multiple data formats including raw, jpg, tif, bmp, DICOM, cineloop (up to 2000 frames) and avi.