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With high imaging frequencies, Prospect is well suited to observe the internal structures and functions of mouse abdomen organs such as kidney, liver and spleen, enabling early diagnoses of various disease models.


Mouse kidney in DP mode


Mouse abdominal aorta in DP mode 


          Mouse renal artery (PW mode)



Mouse liver


Mouse abdominal vessels (B mode)



Mouse abdominal vessels in DP mode


Mouse kidney (B mode) 



The longitudinal section image of the mouse abdominal aorta  (PW-mode)


Mouse stomach with food inside


Mouse stomach without food inside after 24 hour fasting



Mouse salivary glands and thyroid




Mouse shoulder




Human skin images-1



Human skin images-2

Human skin vessels  


Intra-injection under 2mm mouse skin

Mouse eye CT imaging  


Mouse ovary in DP mode



Mouse ovary 1


Mouse ovary 2



Mouse femoral artery


Mouse finger 3D reconstruction




Mouse gallbladder


Mouse lower hind-limb fracture



Mouse pancreas


Mouse spleen



Mouse thyroid


Rat knee (B mode)



Rabbit cornea (B mode)


Rabbit damaged corneal endothelium (B mode)